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Useful tips for a night out at a casino

by kenya-tribune

When organized gambling was invented – it was hundreds of years ago – it was a pastime reserved for the nobles and the rich (these two categories mostly overlapped back then). The patrons of the casinos at the time were flaunting titles and expensive jewelry and losing fabulous sums at the gaming tables.

Over time, gambling became a pastime accessible for everyone, almost everywhere in the world. Today, a short gaming session at the casino can be a fun way to spend some time with friends, the culmination of a night out spent with thrilling games and cheers.

But casinos are not like other entertainment venues – there are a few things that you should keep in mind when preparing to spend time there.

What to wear

You might wonder what you should wear when you go out gambling with your friends. Well, this depends largely on the place itself. Most casinos are pretty lenient when it comes to their patrons’ outfits but going way too casual – wearing shorts and slippers, tank tops, and such – is not advised.

The safest bet for an outfit to wear when going out for a night at the casino would be a smart casual or business casual attire. Unless there is a special event, of course – when this is the case, sometimes a black tie attire may even be required.

What to play

Casinos have many games you can choose from – some are more fun, others, well, not so much. Slot machines and video poker machines tend to be the most popular, especially because they are easy, but many people prefer others that are more challenging, like blackjack, for example.

What games should you try, you might ask? Well, it all depends on what you find entertaining. After all, a night out at the casino is about having the best time possible (if you go to the casino with making money in mind, you may as well reconsider). Most people find slot machines, roulette, and blackjack the most entertaining, craps is also a dynamic and fun game to try… otherwise, as long as you don’t spend too much, you should give all games a try – at least to see whether you like them or not.

How to behave

One of the most important rules about spending a night out gambling is that you should never, ever drink too much. Alcohol impairs your judgment – if you drink too much and play, you may feel more adventurous and risk-taking, and this almost always results in you losing way more money than you were planning to. A drink or two is fine but more than that is risky.

Nobody likes a sore loser – and this is especially true for casinos. Loudly complaining when you lose, blaming the dealer, cussing and similar behaviors are frowned upon at casinos, both by the personnel and the other players. Cheering when you win is, in turn, perfectly fine – it will only make the other patrons feel better.

Finally, there’s the question of tipping. It is an unwritten rule that you should tip your dealer whenever you win. Some say it’s customary to tip even when you lose – after all, the dealer did his or her best to serve you well.

Keep these in mind when going out to the Finix, the Mayfair or the Captain’s Club next time – it will make your night better and perhaps leave your pocket with a bit more money at the end of the day.

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