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Vera Sidika needs to hit the gym but…

by kenya-tribune

Recently during a Q&A session on her Instagram Vera Sidika reveal she felt it was time for her to hit the gym to lose her belly. She made this admission after a fun point it out that most recent photos and videos she keeps hiding her midsection.

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However, what looked like a moment of self-realisation, quickly spoilt after she later picked on skinny women by posting a video of an emaciated woman dancing and comparing it to the rattling of bones.

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And this got me wondering about just why it is that borderline obese women and chunky girls (chonks) like Vera Sidika keep mocking skinny girls. And the only conclusion I could come to is the fact that they are fuelled by envy.

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I’m sure we’ve all had the stereotype about how African men like obese women; you know the type, the ones who can only find the Amit Rift when wearing a belt. And how some obesity apologists claimed this is truly the African standard of beauty, however, I for one remain unconvinced.

You see Vera Sidika that her physique is only desirable if she has a flat belly. That is what differentiates us from being just another fat girl vs being truly thick. The man who first after her one ever looking for your run-of-the-mill village girl. They wanted a girl with huge assets and a wasp waistline.

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So while I would like to take this opportunity to encourage her to hit the gym or maybe drink one of those slimming teas she sells or perhaps even visit a doctor to help her get snatched once again, what we shouldn’t allow is for her to make a mockery of truly lithe girls.

Vera Sidika

As a connoisseur of the finest things in life, I have noticed that I do not see billionaires, millionaires, top-tier athletes actors singers and other men of high value running around with rotund partners. Vera Sidika has been in that one albeit as a rumoured call girl so she knows this to be true and that is what flavours envy. And anyone who says differently is a liar.

On a side note, I was going through her comments and not seeing a single person called her out for body shaming. It seems being body shamed is there is of fat, obese women. Skinny girls get no protection from being body shamed.

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