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Vicki Gunvalson Just Praised Daughter Briana’s Keto Diet Success

by kenya-tribune
  • Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson opened up about her daughter Briana Culberson’s weight loss.
  • She said Briana and her husband Ryan have followed the keto diet for over a year.
  • Vicki also says their kids are aware of the keto diet, but don’t follow it themselves.

    Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson took time out during New York Fashion Week to shower her daughter with compliments in an interview. The proud mom shared how Briana Culberson and her husband Ryan have lost 112 pounds combined following the keto diet with Ok Magazine.

    “She is the voice of reason,” Vicki shared. “I am so proud of her.” Vicki added that Briana gained weight while sick and expecting each of her two boys. (Briana was diagnosed with lupus in 2016, and almost had to have her leg amputated in 2018 due to her condition, according to People.) “She was a little bit insecure about [the weight],” Vicki says, but Briana quickly made some changes to take control of her diet. “She concentrated on her health, she actually did keto and she works out and she’s healthy. They’re just in a great place in their life.”

    In case you were wondering, Briana and Ryan don’t really toy around with other diets—they’re keto through and through. “They didn’t do any other diets,” Vicki says. “It’s strictly no sugar, no carbs.” Ryan has shared updates to Instagram, and they’re looking fitter in every photo.

    Briana and Ryan’s sons, Troy and Owen, are aware of how their parents eat, too. When Vicki made French toast for them, one replied, “This isn’t keto.” That’s not all the boys have learned from their parents’ healthy switch. “They’re aware of packaged food, sugars, eating real vegetables, real meat, and little sauces,” Vicki says. “Everything is sugar-free in their home, and it works.”

    Vicki confirmed the boys eat carbs and a variety of foods. “No they’re not on keto, but he’s aware of what his parents eat.” They still stay away from packaged foods. “Briana doesn’t feed them any processed foods,” Vicki shared. “They don’t have anything in their cupboard or in their refrigerator that was manufactured.”

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