visarequirements.site has launched to help business people, students, and even patients gauge the strength of their passport before they start their travel planning journies.

Developed by Okii Eli who spent the last 2  months trying to build researching on what each passport means to whateer country or region, visarequirements.site is now set to helping users find the best countries to visit depending on their passport strength stress-free.

“I wanted to find a visa friendly country that I can travel for a holiday using my Kenyan passport. I had to search several websites, say, over 10 that offered information on visa-free countries,” Okii told TechMoran.

However, most of the information was copy-pasted and was really confusing and not helpful. “Many blogs don’t have links to official websites of embassies and lead readers to a dead end or some promoted content about a country or green cards. Someone had to fix this,” he said.

From this experience, Okii said he identified several problems such as aggregated info of visa-related information shown in a useful way, most of the existing blogs and websites have very little info and are usually outdated and a lot of research is needed even to go to a single country and this needs to be done every single time.


Okii also adds that it’s so difficult to find the official website and data on some countries as several ministries don’t run up to date websites and in some instances, users pay more than required money to visa agents because of this.

“I decided to aggregate this info, organize and present it in a useful way to a user and so visarequirements.site was born. While I was talking to my friends about this, I realized many people wanted something similar from a long time,” he told TechMoran.

The site has a simple way to find the basic requirements for all the countries you want to travel to. Simplified visa requirements like visa-free, visa on arrival, visa not required, evisa, visa required and visa refused among others.

The site also has Visa Requirement details like duration, documents checklist and other requirements for the stay and which is the official website for that information.