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Wacheni baba aitwe baba! Wavinya Ndeti disagrees

by kenya-tribune
Wavinya Ndeti

Wavinya Ndeti has blasted opposition leader Raila Odinga days after he made remarks about how generous Kambas are when they promise you something.

Wavinya has warned Baba to respect the Kamba community. Taking to her Twitter account she e to show her disappointment she wrote

‘Baba I’m very disappointed with your statement.

Kambas are patient and loyal but we will not be taken for granted under any circumstance.

We supported you for 10 years and you should respect my community.’

Speaking during a rally in Kibera Baba said,

‘Kambas (tribe) are very trustworthy, they are like women If they say they will give you they will give you.’

The above statement by Raila meant that Kambas are trustworthy and since they had promised to vote for an ODM candidate in Kibra they would.

Some people have however taken the statement out of context to make it look like Raila insinuated Kamba women are ‘loose’.

Below are some of the reactions

@Wavinya_Ndeti: Mrs Yaliyo ndwele spite…I think your problems with the Swahili language are much bigger than we all thought…This is a compliment to the beautiful Kamba people

Below is the video

Do you think Wavinya Ndeti is just over reacting or was Baba wrong in saying what he said?


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