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Want to learn programming? Here’s how to be a good programmer!

by kenya-tribune

Have you just started programming? Like to learn programming? Have you been programming for 10 years? However, this article is for you, as long as you try to improve, be a good programmer and grow professionally. We will explain 5 keys to improve programming and to be able to master programming basics choose a better position and develop software.

Accumulated between 7 and 14 years of experience:

Yes, if you’re serious to learn programming don’t want to change careers, this will take time, don’t be impatient. You have to waste years writing code, reading code, fiddling with new technologies, suffering from some failures at the level of software architecture and also experiencing some other architectural success. If you have technical knowledge and start learning to code, maybe you need three or four months to get basic fluency in the code by pressing, for example, JavaScript. As with any learning curve – both in that programming language, you will progress at a faster pace at the beginning and then it will give you the feeling that you have been trapped, and then after a few more months of experience you will see that you have made a quality jump if you feel full and don’t give up on the effort. From there, every year experience in the technology provided will give you added value, but evolution will not be so exponential. Most of the jobs in which you are in this professional stage will demand from you an effort slightly below the threshold of your ability, so it is important to do the projects without delay and to dedicate a few hours in the office to read and try new stuff.

Study hard

Computer programming and engineering is a very dense and deep field, and to be good at it you have to understand how it works.  If that scares you as a self-taught programmer or you think that assembly code, linear algebra or typed language is too complicated, maybe you should choose to develop software with more practical tools, more focused on profit. If they don’t scare you, you can consider programming at a deeper level. This also doesn’t mean that you have to know everything, because it’s impossible. You just need to learn to program in daily basis.

Initially, program the software even if you don’t know whether you will succeed

How to learn coding? How do you become a competent programmer? Or an architect? Or a Linux kernel hacker? Practice If you know you can do something, the learning process will be worse. You learn programming more when you have the possibility of failure. Employers want you at a level of difficulty where you will reach 95% of the time. But you learn more when the chances of success are lower, between 65-75%.

Connect: have networking, but not to get a new position but new ideas

Don’t think about networking as something to do when you are fired. We are social animals and programmers are no different. The best thing to be a good and growing programmer in the workplace is to talk and interact with other great programmers, to understand what problems they have solved and how. Besides forums, you have face-to-face events that are very useful for this kind of thing. It is a good idea to leave the office and meet each other.

Consider changing your work if you see you are not learning new things:
Many times to advance as a developer, we need a little external pressure, to learn how to program and do the work that demands us. Let’s see, sometimes it’s good to see a bad third-party code to learn from your mistakes, but not always or your whole life. After all, you will want to work on a successful project, and you want to surround yourself with good people. If you stop growing, it’s time to turn the page. Do you know why people remain stagnant? Well, little by little, day after day. But that is also how you become a good programmer.


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