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Water shortage to hit residents in efforts to curb coronavirus

by kenya-tribune

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Nyeri County residents could face water shortage as consumption skyrockets owing to increased hand-washing occasioned by coronavirus outbreak.

Nyeri Water and Sanitisation Company (Nyewasco) sent a text message to customers, saying the unprecedented demand could force it to ration the commodity.

“Dear customers, you are hereby notified of an impending water shortage that may lead to rationing so as to ensure all areas get supply. This is due to the increased demand for this essential commodity,” the message read.

The company said that Mweiga and Mwireri areas have started to feel the pinch.

Hand-washing stations have been put up in Nyeri Town to promote hygiene, which helps reduce the impact of the pandemic.


Nyewasco supplies about 18 million litres per day to 30,000 households. Due to the rise in demand, residents are advised to use water prudently.

“You are urged to utilise the available supply sparingly and consider having additional storage to compensate for the interruption. Let us conserve water as it plays an important role in the prevention and spread of Covid-19.”

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