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We need Elani back on the music scene!

by kenya-tribune

If there’s something I’ve learnt about the Kenyan music industry it’s that you should never take a long break, unless of course you are Nyashinski.

Kenyans tend to forget very fast and new musicians are emerging each and every day so if you go on a hiatus you will pay for it dearly just like Elani.

The group that is made up of Bryan Chweya, Maureen Kunga and Wambui Ngugi, took a long break in 2016 and things have never been the same for them.

The Hapo Zamani hitmakers tried to make a comeback in 2018 but it soon dawned on them that their fans had moved on to things like Lamba Lolo.


At the time, their songs were not getting traction and they soon disappeared from the music scene yet again.

Truth is Elani has left a big void in the local music industry. We really miss them. I get nostalgia every time I listen to songs like Kookoo, Jana Usiku and Milele.

If it were up to me, I would work tirelessly to ensure that Elani gets back to where they were in 2014 but then again there’s nothing that I can do apart from wishing.

Listen to their latest release dubbed Jinsi below.

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