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Weight gain has brought my self-esteem down

by kenya-tribune

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai recently surprised many after revealing that’s she had gained 15 Kgs within 3 months.

She said that she hopes to lose this weight ahead of the release of her weight loss app. The weight loss will be achieved through a Quick Fix diet composing smoothies, salads and hitting the gym.

As she loses weight, Anerlisa hopes to gain back her self-esteem as her recent weight gain has put a damper on it. “This weight gain has really brought my self-esteem down but when I remember that I did it for a reason, it keeps me going. Also, the fact that I am not doing alone this time makes me motivated,” she revealed.

Miss Muigai has in the past shared stories of her battle with weight, from yo-yo dieting, juicing to joining a weight loss camp Anerlisa has had 10 gruelling years of the battle with the bulge.

Her weight loss stories have made her a household name and she has gained a cult following as many have been inspired by her weight loss journey. And being the businesswoman she is, she has decided to tap into the weight loss market by creating an app which will be available in November.

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