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What happened to Ruto’s 100-day promise on unga prices?

by kenya-tribune

Empty promises • Months after winning elections, Henry Ruhiu wonders whether the Kenya Kwanza Alliance government is serious about its campaign pledges. “The leaders told Kenyans that in their 100 days, if voted in, prices of commodities would come down. What I’m seeing is the opposite. Kenya Power charges are up and unga prices haven’t dropped.” His contact is [email protected].

Rhetoric • Can Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua use his powerful position to recover grabbed Mau Mau land, if it’s true? Fred Njuki challenges. “He’s the second in command and should mobilise the resources to settle this matter once and for all. Otherwise, let him spare us the empty election campaign rhetoric and get down to work. This is why he was elected.” His contact is [email protected]

Cloud scatterer • Would the Kenya Meteorological Department be aware of the activities of a light aircraft that overflies Karate, Mirera, Mithuri and other areas of Naivasha, Nakuru County, after which rain clouds appear to scatter?” Moniq Wangui asks. “Could climate change be only one of the things adversely affecting the weather? Can the government explain?” Her contact is [email protected]

Loo ranger • The 2022 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) findings on sexual violence and other key indicators are commendable, says John Njuguna. But as a public health officer, he’s not amused that water and sanitation were omitted. “In the last survey, five million Kenyans lacked toilets. It would have been good to see if we’ve made progress.” His contact is [email protected]

Hustle danger • While she has nothing against people looking for opportunities anywhere, Njeri Njuguna says she’s sick and tired of the “influx of Form Four leavers in towns in search of a hustle”. She adds: “I’m more worried about the girl child, who is lured by her boyfriend or peers, many of whom live in the slums. “You’re courting danger; an unwanted pregnancy, Aids or both.” Her contact is [email protected]

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