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What King Kaka had to say, after hitting 1 million followers on Instagram [video]

by kenya-tribune

Kenya legendary rapper, King Kaka joined the Millionaires club on Instagram after hitting the 1 million followers mark just yesterday.

Monday, the 20th of January 2020, Kennedy Ombima alias Rabbit, broke the news on Instagram, thanking his followers for the love.

Sharing a short recording, regarding the major mark in his career, the charged family man expressed:

Thank you very much. Yesterday, I just found out that we hit a million followers. It´s been a good decade. May God answer all your prayers and all your wishes as I wish you prosperity in all the things that you do. Now that we got to a million followers, tweny tweny will be a very interesting year. Asanteni sana. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the following.

However, he did not forget to urge the trolls to keep coming through because they are important as well.

Wale wasee hucomment manegative, we need you as well manze, msiwache. Na wale wasee wanacomment positive, that´s the spirit. Happy 2020. Congratulations for being among the million followers. Kubwa!


The hip hop artist made a big wave in the music industry, in late 2019 with his ¨Wajinga Nyinyi¨ political-based song that immediately went viral.

It struck Kenyans across the board, right from the political elite, to the economic kingpins to the very down-to-earth common mwananchi.

King Kaka´s ¨Wajinga Nyinyi¨ jam that shook the Kenyan music industry

It received lots of criticism, while being lauded by netizens and beyond, for his courage and boldness to speak of Kenya´s situation as it is.


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