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What no one tells you about becoming a mother

by kenya-tribune
Forget what the celebrities say. Shedding off baby weight isn’t as easy at it seems (Shutterstock)

Experiencing motherhood for the first time can be both tricky and exciting. And to be honest, there’s nothing that can fully prepare you for your new life until you experience it for yourself.

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Although every mother has different experiences with pregnancy and motherhood, there are still certain tips you can get to help you prepare mentally and emotionally as you go through this exhilarating journey.

To try and give you a glimpse of what lies ahead, we will cover a few things people won’t tell you about becoming a mother.

  1. Your ‘me-time’ will change

Once your baby is born, your concept of personal time will change. Your baby will need most, if not all your attention. This will barely leave any personal time. Owing to these changes, you’ll realize how much you enjoy simple things like taking a quiet shower by yourself or even walking to the store for a few minutes. Consider this your new ‘me time.’

  1. You’ll gain and lose friends

Don’t expect to enjoy some of the things you did previously. Your priorities will change and all your energy will be directed to your family. When you are no longer available for friends with completely different priorities, it’s only natural that some of those friendships will fade away. At the same time, you’ll make new friends who are also mothers so that’s great news.

  1. You might hate heels

Heels are a girl’s best friend. Or so they say! Unfortunately when you become a mom, your love for heels might take a back seat for a while. First of all, high stilettos will be super uncomfortable and horrible for your back when you are pregnant. Second, you’ll have to start taking part in new activities with your child that requires a lot of movement so you’ll reach out for your sneakers first. Don’t be surprised when you become more interested in the mom friendly shoe section of the store either.

  1. Your house won’t be spotless

If you are used to having a spotless house, I’m here to tell you that things will definitely not be that way for too long. Kids are quite a task and it’s hard to keep up with everything they do. You might have just cleaned the house, put the toys away and made sure everything is perfect but ten minutes later it’s another mess. The best preparation you can have when it comes to this is getting extra help or being a bit more relaxed and understanding because children will always be children.

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  1. You will change

How you handle things will be different when you become a mom. You’ll be shocked to learn yourself all over again when your motherly instincts kick in. If new things tick you off and you are more cautious of your environment, don’t worry, it is all part of being a mom.

  1. You might not shed off the baby weight easily

Forget what the celebrities say. Shedding off baby weight isn’t as easy at it seems. You might have seen your favorite actress bounce back within a few weeks but unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. We have different bodies with different metabolisms and not everyone has access to professional trainers and cosmetic surgeons. The best thing to do at this point is to maintain a healthy diet before and while you are pregnant. This will definitely put you on the right track when it comes to shedding off the weight.

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