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‘Why I wanted to leave EMB,’ Peter Blessings opens up

by kenya-tribune

Gospel star Peter Blessing says one of the reasons Bahati got him arrested was because he wanted to leave the production house which he has been under since 2019.

Blessing decided to leave EMB Records and that was enough to drive a wedge between him and Bahati.

Bahati saw red and as such, plotted to have him arrested over trumped-up charges one of which was obtaining over Ksh 2m from him fraudulently.

Blessing told Mpasho after his three-night stint at Central Police that he doesn’t have that kind of money on him nor did he take any such monies from Bahati.

Read about his life in jail in the link below.

‘My life in jail,’ Peter Blessings speaks after being jailed by Bahati

Speaking about his intentions to leave the embattled recording lebel with Mpasho, Blessing said,

‘In life, everyone has their own plans and God guides us sometimes. I felt it was God’s time for me to move so I had no ill intentions.

I wanted to go and struggle on my own.

Bahati and Peter Blessings

I love seeing myself making it in life over a certain period of time, many other issues.

I used to call my mum and we could not communicate properly, There is also I time I had been told [By Bahati] to go and Not come back.’

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Blessing went on to add,

‘Maybe God wanted me to move, Things were just happening and I could not understand them.

I cannot fully blame Bahati or Weezdom all I am hoping things will be OKay moving forward.’

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