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Why you need to give your child a baby massage

by kenya-tribune
Baby massages are crucial and have some great benefits even for a parent or caregiver (Shutterstock)

Massages are very important for overall health. For adults, it’s important because it has many physical and emotional benefits for the body. You can choose to go to a spa for a full body massage or even learn a few techniques that you can practice at home on yourself or partner.

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When it comes to infants and toddlers, massages are just as important. In fact massages at this stage are more crucial and have some great benefits even for a parent or caregiver.

Here some amazing benefits of massaging your baby that you might not have known before.

  1. It’s essential for preterm babies

Babies that are born underweight usually face many developmental challenges. Although there’s a lot that’s beyond your control as a parent, there are things you can do to help accelerate their development process. Studies have shown that preterm babies who are massaged occasionally, showed great improvement and overall increase in weight. The improved blood circulation from the gentle massages has a huge impact in their health.

  1. It’s essential for muscle development

Infant massages are also important for healthy muscle development. They help boost the strength of their neck muscles, back muscles and other muscles throughout the body. Likewise, it’s important for joint strengthening for infants. So as they continue to grow, it’s important to ensure that they gain strength and muscle strength through massaging techniques.

Baby massages are important for healthy muscle development (Shutterstock)

  1. Immunity boost

When babies are born, their immunity systems are usually low. This means that they are very susceptible to infections especially when the cold weather sets in. It would be very helpful to give them immunity boosts through massages because they help to drain toxins from the body, improve circulation and even boost the lymphatic system.

  1. Alleviation of uncomfortable symptoms

Babies often struggle with uncomfortable symptoms related to digestion. Things like constipation and gas can occur and this can easily cause them to be fussy and stubborn. A great way to help them get rid of these symptoms easily is by massaging their bellies, stretching their limbs and doing other simple massaging techniques. You’ll be surprised it actually works.

  1. It’s a way to bond with the baby

Bonding between parents and their babies is not always automatic so a great way to create one is by massaging them. It’s a great bridge whether you are struggling to bond with them a little or you just want to spend some time with them. It’s especially important for fathers to learn massaging techniques as a way of boosting the emotional connection. Children will live to appreciate this show of love and devotion from their parents or caregivers.

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  1. They help them relax and sleep better

Baby massages are also important for other areas of emotional development. Through different massaging methods, they are able to relax more, sleep better and alleviate stress. If your baby is teething for example, there’s not much you can do because the process has to take place anyway. What you can do however, is to help them through it by massaging them and distracting them a little. These are all the amazing benefits of massaging your baby.


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