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Why you should consider writing your own wedding vows

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Should you write your own personalized vows? Or should you stick to the traditional ones? This is a question many people find hard to answer.

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All in all, vows symbolize commitment and true love between two people.

Writing your own vows personalizes the ceremony and it is also a way of proclaiming your love for one another in your own words. There are no set rules when it comes to writing your vows but you can still ask for assistance from your officiator. This will also help you work out any questions you might have ensuring that your ceremony goes according to plan.

As you debate on whether you will have traditional vows or ones you have written, here are reasons why the latter may be a better idea.

i. You will remember them forever

Choosing to write your own vows is something you will live to remember for the rest of your life. Saying your vows in front of everyone can make one very emotional and in the case you cannot be able to read due to the flowing tears, have the officiator do so. Be calm and remember people have come to support you and your new beginning.

ii. It’s about what’s in your heart

Writing vows is not based on how much of a good writer you are but what is inside your heart. It’s a matter of being honest and saying how you feel.

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iii. It reminds you why you’re getting married

First of all, weddings take up a lot out of people, choosing to sit down and writing your vows is a great thing and experience to remember why you are getting married. Having to say what’s in your heart helps embrace all the feelings and the new next chapter of your lives.

iv. They’re your own words

Never allow someone to tell you what to write or say. For starters, you know you’re partner better than anyone. Therefore considering the love you share and a one of a kind relationship you have, you’re best suited to write the vows from your own heart. You need to read what you are uniquely promising your partner something no one else can decide for you!

v. People will listen

In most weddings when it comes to reciting the vows most people tend not to pay attention because it’s the same process just a different couple. When you decide to come out and create your own vows, people will gladly listen and hear you get to express yourself in ways they were not expecting.

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vi. Write together

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Writing heartfelt vows helps you to express your feelings something some people struggle with. Doing it together will allow you to hear what the other person has to say and it’s a fun way of connecting and spending time together reliving your relationship journey.

vii. It’s romantic

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Writing something lovely and personal is the most idealistic thing to do. While writing the vows avoid being boring and highlight a few memorable moments you’ve shared however keep it short and sweet.

viii. It’s inspiring

Having to write your own vows inspires others by professing the love you have for each other and the things you want for each other as well as what you want in your relationship and marriage.

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