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Will Meru Governor Mwanga, MCAs reconcile? – Weekly Citizen

by kenya-tribune

Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza renewed her fight with members of the county assembly after she claimed they were working for the devil while impeaching her.
The MCAs are licking their wounds after Mwangaza who survived an impeachment motion shared online photos on the new year eve showing her with her husband Murega Baichu. She posted the photos to send a message to the MCAs that her husband will continue playing a critical role in her administration despite the their opposition. The governor while sending a message of a happy new year praised Meru voters for standing up with her during the impeachment proceedings.

Kiraitu Murungi

“Year of praise 2023. May your mouth and heart be full of praise in Jesus mighty name. Meru county we shall praise,” she said. She posted photos of herself and Meru’s first gentleman with musical
instruments. She stated that praise is a God given weapon in the hands of humankind with which to humiliate the devil with God’s medicine against the enemy.
“Every time we obey the law of praise, we silence our adversaries. Everyone who lives in praise carries authority with him because he has the backing of heaven,” she posted,
indirectly claiming the MCAs were working at the behest of the devil. The botched impeachment exposed the silent political wars pitting some of the seasoned Meru politicians led by former governor Kiraitu Murungi.

Mithika Linturi

This was evident when Agriculture and Livestock Development cabinet secretary Mithika Linturi hosted the embattled governor at his Kilimo House office. The meeting happened a few days before the senate special committee led by Kakamega senator Bonnie Khalwale prosecuted the matter. The political undertones in the whole quagmire have exposed the influence of Linturi against
immediate Murungi in the impeachment.
After the meeting, Linturi told off those criticising him for associating with the governor. In a statement, the CS said the meeting was about collaboration between his ministry and the county.
However, the two talked about the political stability of the county and Linturi vowed to help mobilise senators to reject the impeachment. There are reports money changed hands, with some senators pocketing over Sh1 million to reject the impeachment. Other reports claim the 46 county governors contributed millions of
shillings which was shared by some of the senators to reject the impeachment.
The governor was also funding the collection of signatures to dissolve the Meru county government should the MCAs give
Mwangaza trouble after the senate’s clearance.
The initiative, which started before the Mwangaza’s impeachment at the county assembly is led by Gakii Mbui, who unsuccessfully vied for the woman representative seat, former Nkuene MCA Nick Mburugu and Kaborio Mworia.
Last December, they announced they had collected 90,000 signatures which they intended to forward to the senate. The process, which had the blessings of the governor, is said to be continuing and Mwangaza will use it to blackmail MCAs to toe the line.

Section 123 of the county governments Act provides for the suspension of county government in Kenya in exceptional circumstances. A person may petition the president to suspend a county government in any other exceptional circumstances if the county government engages in actions that are deemed to be against the common needs and interests of the citizens of a county. A petition to suspend a county government in any other exceptional circumstances should be supported by the signatures of not less than ten per cent of the registered voters in the count.

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