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Willy Paul reveals he loves both Alaine and Nandy

by kenya-tribune

Willy Paul has confessed that given a chance he would not mind dating and bedding both Jamaican artiste Alaine and Tanzanian artiste Nandy.

Asked how his recent met up with Alaine was, Willy Pauls said,

Alaine is a cool person and I had to catch up with her. All of them (including Nandy) are artistes I respect.


Willy Paul and Alaine have a wedding song titled “I do”.

Asked who he would date between Alaine and Nandy, Willy Paul sarcastically confessed,

I would date both.

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Alaine and Nandy

Nandy and Willy Paul have in the past been rumoured to be an item something Willy Paul vehemently denied.

In an interview with Presenter Ali, Willie pozze defined his relationship with Nandy saying,


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Willy Paul and NandyYou have probably heard the phrase fisi ni fisi tu and the admission by Willy Paul confirms that.

Nandy who is in her mid-twenties was dating the late Clouds FM boss Ruge Mutahaba before his untimely death.

In an interview with AYO TV, the Ninogeshe hitmaker – confessed that she dated the media boss for three years.

We did not put it out in the public because we did not want social media to dictate our lives. However everyone else in the company and our parents knew we were dating. We were trying to build our personal lives.

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