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“Y’all bored souls need to leave me alone” Vera Sidika blasts friends asking her out during quarantine

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Quarantine period is going to take a toll on the extroverts unlike the introverts whom it has favored most. Don’t go too far, Vera falls among the lucky ones.

The Kenyan TV and social media personality admitted that this was going to be one of those days in her life that she will not regret.

Vera is apparently an introvert and spends most of her time indoors and this quarantine period stands in her favor.

Vera Sidika

The socialite blasted friends who are now busy calling her for hangouts and BBQs that she is not interested in any of it.

She calls them ‘bored souls’.

Don’t care if we’ve been friends for 10 years or whatever, please don’t even think of coming to my house. Y’all calling me to your house for BBQs and drinks and I’m not interested. Y’all bored souls need to leave me alone ooo.

Admitting that corona only spiced up her indoor lifestyle as she pities her friends who are the exact opposite – extroverts.

My friends know I can stay a whole months indoors and not set foot outside. Literally my life before corona. Now they are suffering calling to ask for tips and inviting me for BBQs. Let me stay at home ooo.

Queen VeeBosset

However, the beauty seems to have taken the COVID-19 issue much seriously, calling out individuals who tested negative for the novel virus but cannot contain themselves indoors.

Y’all who went to test for coronavirus out of curiosity and tested negative and still going out moving around, what are you looking for? It’s like testing negative for HIV then go sleeping around without precaution.

The aging businesswoman wishes to have a baby of her own, soon after the quarantine period is over.

I miss my baby ???
If I survive this Covid19 I’m definitely making a baby ? Life is too short ?

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