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Yes, I get insecure being with Diamond! Tanasha Donna reveals

by kenya-tribune

Tanzanian heartthrob Diamond Platnumz’s new Kenyan bae Tanasha Donna has defended his philandering past as they plan to wed later this year.

Diamond was divorced by Zari Hassan on Valentine’s last year after having a series of affairs, which Zari termed disrespectful.

So far, Tanasha has met her mother-in-law Sandra Sunura, and Diamond may meet his in-law mid-this year.

Do you talk to Zari? Tanasha Donna opens up about Diamond’s ex

Speaking exclusively to Kiss100.co.ke, Tanasha admitted her mother, Diana Oketch, has familiarised herself with him.

“Yes, she has googled him. She knows about his past, how he has been dating several women. But come on, which single man is not a womaniser? He is a good man with a good heart,” Tanasha said.

She said Diamond has spoken with Diana on the phone three times now. They “kinda” get along and she is now constantly playing bongo music.

“She is coming in the summer or end of the year, and it also depends on when she gets leave from work. I told Diamond I cannot get married if my family is not present,” Tanasha said.

Mummy slayage: Tanasha’s mum looks just like her (Photos)

Diamond Platumz and his bae Tanasha Donna

So, does she feel insecure about dating a heartthrob? “I do feel insecure. He told me the social media drama I’m facing is nothing compared to his past relationships. But once his fans realize he is indeed serious with our relationship, they will show their support, which I’m already seeing,” she said.

Adding, “At the beginning of the relationship, I used to cry daily. I almost fell into depression.”

Is it a publicity stunt? “None of it was planned. He approached me. If it was a publicity stunt, how much more publicity can Diamond need? He already has it all. And if he needed that kind of publicity, he would have chosen a way more famous person, not a normal radio presenter with 80K followers.”

She continued, “And by now, we would have gotten tired of faking it.”

Responding to damning allegations about her mother, Tanasha said, “My mum was a single mother for seven years. She doesn’t deserve this malice from whoever is trying to tarnish her name. She is living comfortably because she is able to pay my grandma’s rent.”

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