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Your quick guide to Plinko XY : TechMoran

by kenya-tribune

There are a lot of games you can enjoy in online casinos and each of them is fun in its own way. Aside from slots, there are also other games which you can enjoy anytime you wish to. Among these is Plinko, a fun game that was inspired by the same game popularized in the game show The Price is Right.

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Plinko is a fun and easy game that requires no skill, just luck. As you play the game, hope that it lets you win the prizes you have been eyeing for. The game’s main objective is for you to land on a great spot that will multiply your initial wager.

Playing Plinko is fun, especially as it is made better online. With that, make sure to learn and try this new version of Plinko game, the XY Plinko:

What is Plinko XY?

Plinko XY is an enhanced version of the usual Plinko game online. This is also more compatible with crypto payments which makes it more interesting for some people. Still, the gameplay remains straight to the point which makes it more thrilling.

All you have to do is play the game and wait for the balls to determine your fate. What sets it apart from the usual Plinko game is that instead of having the biggest prize in the middle slot, the biggest prizes in the game await you at the edges. The challenge here lies in the fact that the game is played on a triangular board with pegs, giving you no chance to drop the ball from any point you like.

How to play the game

Playing Plinko XY is super easy! Make sure to follow these simple steps so you can make the most out of it:

  1. Set the amount you wish to wager. You can see this underneath the play button and adjust the amount you wish to bet.
  2. Adjust the game settings. The game offers a lot of setting adjustments which will vary your playing experience. Make sure to experiment with it until you find the right one that matches your preferences the most.
  3. Hit the play button and watch as the game starts. Once the ball is released, watch it fall on any of the bottom segments so you’ll know how much you can win.
  4. Keep track of your progress. The great thing about Plinko XY is that it has a record of all the rounds you’ve played. Therefore, you will see whether or not you have been making a profit.

Game settings

There are several settings you can adjust when playing Plinko XY. Aside from the amount you wish to wager, here are other highly important factors you may customize:

  • Number of lines → This is seen at the right side of the triangle and it determines how many rows the ball will have to go through. The same number also determines the number of slots the ball can fall in. Your options here are 8 to 16.
  • Risk level → The risk level determines your chances of winning. When you choose low, there is only one chance for you to lose your money. However, its highest multiplier is just equal to 5.6x your bet. The higher risk level you choose, the higher the multiplier gets but it also comes with more slots that can make you lose. Your options here are low, normal, and high.
  • Bet mode → Another adjustable factor in the game is its bet mode which allows you to vary whether or not you would want the game to be played manually or automatically. Should you opt for the latter, you can also set how many times you would like it to be automatically set.

These are just some facts you would have to learn about this fun game. What are you waiting for? Try this new version of Plinko game, the XY Plinko, now!

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